Food Ministry

In partnership with the Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano County, we here at Second Baptist Church of Vallejo, Ca. are able to hold a food giveaway twice a month.


We are commited to helping the community by supplying those in need with nutritous foods.  "Yes....we are our brothers Keeper".



Our gates open at 10am each 1st and 3rd Wednesday from 11am - 12 noon.


Bags include: can and dry goods, fresh produce, baked items and meat when available.


**Ministers are available upon request**


*Bring two bags with handles if possible

*Must be present to recieve food

*One person per family


If you are in need and the days above aren't good for you, please contact us so that we may direct you to other food services that may be availble.



Income Guidlines


              Household                      Monthly                          Annual

Number of Persons
in Household
Maximum Income Monthly Maximum Income Annually
1 $1,459 $17,505
2 $1,966 $23,595
3 $2,474 $29,685
4 $2,981 $35,775
5 $3,489 $41,865
6 $3,996 $47,955
7 $4,504 $54,045
8 $5,011 $60,135
9 $5,519 $66,225
10 $6,026 $72,315

*For households with 11 or more persons, add $503 to monthly income for each person or $6,030 to the annual income.