SBC Women's Ministry


We look forward to serving the women in our community and the world. With great trepidation, women are facing seemingly insurmountable issues every day.  Women are hurting, depressed, frustrated and confused.  Managing the demands of marriage, family, career and church responsibilities can be overwhelming.  It is easy to get caught up in a hectic schedule and a daily routine that you forget what is truly important.  THERE IS A SOLUTION—the plenary Word of God.  We endeavor to exhort and encourage every woman through the Word to seek God’s power, plan and purpose for their lives. 

The pursuit of excellence and modeling Jesus in every area of life is encouraged through Bible studies, retreats, seminars, and also several fun events.  Our activities and meeting times vary and are open to women of all ages; every gathering is an opportunity to meet new friends.  Come grow with us as we go with God.


Care Ministry
Are you suffering in silence?  Just need a little help and support in your tough time?  Been there, done that and now want to help someone else conqueror their challenges?  Does your heart cry out for God’s people?  Stand with us as we reach out, embrace and provide support for women in their special time of need. Care Ministry meets every first thursday at 6:00 PM in the MLK building


Creative Resources
Ever been told, I wish I had your creativity?   Arts and crafts a hobby for you?  Ever wished you could learn how to make or do “that”?  Willing to learn how to tailor your clothes?  Here you can express yourself and enhance another with your skills and talents.


Dining and Dealing with Delicate Issues
Always wanted to ask a question, but have been too embarrassed to ask?  Have questions you can’t seem to get a straight answer on? Are you willing to discuss the real issue at hand? Don’t be burdened or in bondage.  Get your answer and experience healing in a chat room style environment.


Education & Employment
Have you reached a turning point in your life?  Want to go back to school, start a new career, or learn a new skill?  Been unemployed for a while and unsure how to navigate your way back into the workforce?  Just graduated and you are not sure what to do next?  Prepare for life’s next step with us!


Health Education
Desiring to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle physically and spiritually?  Seeking to be more at ease with yourself?  Lacking information and education on practices for prevention or intervention?  We promote information, education, and celebration of being fearfully and   wonderfully made.


Minister’s Wives
Are you at an impasse as to what you should be doing to help your minister/husband?  If so, join us and learn how to mentally, spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically support your husband and build a strong ministerial marriage.


Prayer Hotline
Are you PUSHing through life (Pray Until Something Happens)?  Need someone to help PUSH with you?  Women pushing through life are doing so for their  church, their community and themselves.  Give yourself to this dynamic ministry  and watch how prayer changes things!


Single Adult Women
Single and satisfied?  Longing to have that void filled with your hearts desire?  Challenged by singleness in a relationship-valued society?  No need to hang your head low.  Join us as we learn to live, survive, strive and be open to whatever God wants us to do in this season of life.


Speaker’s Bureau
The significance of speaking about the Word of God and communicating the message with confidence can change thoughts, beliefs  system, and can even change lives.  This ministry is comprised of an elite group of gifted women grounded in the Word of God.