Our History

We will be celebrating 105 years of religious service this year.  On September 14, 1907, Second Baptist Church was organized in a meeting, held at the home of Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Malone, at 135 Caroline Street. This was done with the assistance of Mr. J. L. Williams,who instructed them in the proper procedures for a church organization using The Holy Bible.   Rev. J.A. Dennis was elected as the first Pastor of Second Baptist.

The first service was held in a rented room upstairs in an old building on Sacramento Street. After worshipping there for a while, the congregation brought a building on the corner of Branciforte and Capitol Streets.

The church on Branciforte became part of a redevelopment area, and new facilities were sought for worship. Through much prayer, dedication and hard work, the congregation was led to our present loca
tion, 1170 Benicia Road. Dedication services were held on August 23, 1964.

They, like us today are seeking spiritual guidance, a place for themselves and their children to fellowship. We are able to celebrate our faith here at Second Baptist because of the contributions of those who made a sacrificial offering years ago. We’re sure it was a sacrifice for them at the time, but they stepped out on faith, knowing that God has the Power.


In February 1979, Rev. Fleetwood E. Irving was called to pastor this great church. Pastor Irving came with a dream. Through much prayer and cooperation of the congregation, God permitted his dream to become a reality on August 24, 1980 which allowed the church to burn the mortgage on this building.

Under the spiritual guidance of Pastor Irving, the Lord is continually blessing the church. Several ministries have been added such as the Deaconess Ministry, the Prayer Ministry & Grief Ministry, the Matron’s Ministry, the Family Ministry, the Scholarship Committee, the Christian Bible Training (CBT) and the Evangelism Training (101 through 106); accredited by the Bethany Baptist Bible College, Los Angeles, California.


On November 16, 2008 we celebrated anther day in history for our ground breaking ceremony to go forth with the modifications to the current facility.   Because of the massive training efforts in the area of Evangelism, Bible Study and Prayer, our saints are continually being equipped for the work of the church and the church is growing as a result. We are continuing to reap the harvest with Candidates for Baptism, Christian Experience; Young, Old, Male and Female.



To God Be the Glory. We look forward to seeing you.


Photo Gallery: Our Vallejo Community Center