Man to Man


Man to Man is our new men’s ministry at Second Baptist Church. Our goal is to reach and engage every man in ministry from pulpit to pew.


We want to offer men:             Support, Fellowship and Relationships


We want to help men meet the challenges of being a husband, father,
and wage earner in today’s society.

Our aim is to impact the men of the church and equip them to be the leaders
God has called them to be. Men may find meaningful and edifying experiences
participating in the men’s ministry through, the annual weekend Men’s Retreat, Men Breakfasts, Men Bible Study, and various other men fellowship opportunities. We realize that men need each other in order to be successful as Christians.

Man to Man has some upcoming and exciting events and meeting times.

Contact Deacon Kalil Macklin for more information.



The Men Watchword

Teach the word in the home
With a consecrated heart
Following the foot steps of the Savior
Leading all men to God.